We build bespoke financial models to fit our client’s unique requirements. We work with our clients to agree key input and output requirements for each model at the outset. We also work with the client team to integrate key accounting policies such as project revenue recognition in order that the model we produce fits with existing company data and provides a high degree of transparency.

Our financial models are built to best practice guidelines and follow the standard approach of dedicated inputs sheets feeding through to the model workings and outputs (primarily cash flow forecast, profit and loss account and balance sheet). The model are designed to allow sensitivities to be run and include the ability to flex funding structures to enable the business to be presented under various funding structures (different loan classes incl. loan notes) with appropriate covenant tests embedded within.

Management & Support

We provide ongoing management and support of financial models for clients. We update financial forecasting models to reflect actual results allowing clients both the ability to see performance against budget and to facilitate reforecasting should this be required.

We also support clients with updates to financial models for changes in projects, such as acquisitions or additional projects.


We perform financial models reviews for a variety of schemes, from project finance structures to development/investment appraisals. We have experience of both providing assurance to clients on such models, and of taking base client models and adapting and improving as appropriate.  Our team has access to a number of review software packages, which can quickly and efficiently identify any model integrity and consistency issues.  We then overlay a commercial review, which considers the appropriateness of outputs given the input assumptions used.

The output from our review is a report setting out the finding of the review both in summary and detailed form. The review is carried out in a holistic and detailed way and findings will be highlighted using specific references allowing quick identification of where any issues lie. Our findings are structured to identify issues of clarification, model integrity and best practice allowing the client to make changes as required.

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